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Nieuw Europees toernooi / New European League is ‘Euro T20 Slam’

De naam van de nieuwe Europese franchise T20 competitie met teams uit Ierland, Nederland en Schotland, is bekendgemaakt: het toernooi zal als de  ‘Euro T20 Slam’ door het leven gaan.
The recently-announced European T20 franchise competition that will be played across Ireland, Scotland and The Netherlands will be known as the ‘Euro T20 Slam’.

De competitie vindt plaats tussen 30 augustus en 22 september 2019 in dezelfde opzet als andere T20 leagues wereldwijd, dus met teams die gevestigd zijn in en uitkomen onder de naam van grote steden (zes teams, twee van ieder land).
De naam werd onthuld nadat er overeenstemming over was bereikt tussen de organisatoren van het toernooi, Woods Entertainment en GS Holding, en de drie deelnemende landen: Cricket Ireland, KNCB Netherlands and Cricket Scotland. Meer details worden in de komende maand bekendgemaakt, met een officiële aftrap in april 2019.

The competition will take place from 30th August to 22nd September 2019, and similar in style to other well-known T20 leagues around the world, the T20 league will feature city-based franchise teams (six teams, two from each country).
The name was unveiled after an agreement between event managers, Woods Entertainment and GS Holding, and the three participating cricket boards – Cricket Ireland, Cricket Scotland and KNCB. Further details about the Euro T20 Slam will be released in coming weeks, with an official launch in April 2019.

Mr. Prashant Mishra, Managing Partner, Woods Entertainment, said:
“After consultation with the cricket boards of Ireland, Scotland and Netherlands, we come to a general consensus over the name. Since the term league is used all across the world for T20 events, we wanted to add the energy factor to our tournament, hence we have decided to name it Euro T20 Slam.”

Mr. Warren Deutrom, Chief Executive of Cricket Ireland, said:
“The process wasn’t just about establishing a mere name, but rather giving the tournament an identity which both aligned it with other global domestic leagues, yet made it a distinctive and a vibrant brand. It was important to us to convey our points of difference that would resonate in local markets – in Ireland, Scotland and Netherlands – where cricket is not the dominant sport in town. The touch points of geography, cricket and excitement was our goal, and we hope it will gain the necessary traction with fans.”

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